Jigarthanda Double X Tamil Movie Download (2023) Tamil Movie Download isaimini In HD

Jigarthanda Double X, the action-packed sequel to the critically acclaimed 2014 Tamil crime thriller “Jigarthanda,” arrived in theaters in November 2023, stirring up audiences with its high-octane action, dark humor, and unexpectedly poignant moments. Director Karthik Subbaraj returns, once again weaving a captivating tale that immerses viewers in the gritty world of the Tamil underworld.


Jigarthanda Double X picks up several years after the events of the first film. Karthik, the budding filmmaker who once ventured into the dangerous world of gangsters for research, is now a successful director. However, his past comes back to haunt him when he receives a mysterious letter inviting him to witness a “double X.”

Intrigued and drawn by a sense of unfinished business, Karthik embarks on a new journey that leads him back into the orbit of the ruthless gangster Assault Sethu (played by the menacing S. J. Suryah). This time, Sethu faces new challenges and threats, forcing him to make difficult choices that test his loyalty and morality.

The film’s narrative unfolds through a series of flashbacks and present-day events, gradually revealing the secrets surrounding the “double X” and its implications for Karthik and Sethu. As the story progresses, the line between fiction and reality becomes increasingly blurred, forcing the characters to confront their own demons and hidden desires.


Jigarthanda Double X boasts a talented cast, each delivering powerful performances that elevate the film’s impact:

  • S. J. Suryah: Reprising his iconic role as Assault Sethu, S. J. Suryah steals the show with his commanding presence and chilling portrayal of a ruthless gangster. He effortlessly conveys the character’s complex emotions, from moments of brutal violence to unexpected vulnerability.
  • Raghava Lawrence: The popular actor joins the franchise as a charismatic gangster posing a significant threat to Sethu’s empire. His performance adds a new dimension to the film’s power dynamics, raising the stakes and keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.
  • Nimisha Sajayan: This rising star delivers a memorable performance as a young woman caught in the crossfire between the warring gangs. Her character acts as a moral compass for the film, offering a glimpse into the human cost of violence and the yearning for redemption.
  • Shine Tom Chacko: The versatile actor plays a crucial role in the film, though details about his character remain shrouded in mystery. His presence adds an air of intrigue and suspense, further amplifying the film’s unpredictable and thrilling narrative.

Box Office and Budget:

Despite facing competition from other big-budget releases, Jigarthanda Double X has achieved significant commercial success, grossing over ₹150 crore (US$18.2 million) at the Indian box office. The film’s strong performance suggests that audiences are still captivated by the gritty and realistic world of the Tamil underworld, as portrayed by Karthik Subbaraj.

The budget for Jigarthanda Double X is estimated to be around ₹100 crore (US$12.1 million). The film’s production value is evident in its high-quality cinematography, action sequences, and set design, demonstrating the filmmakers’ commitment to creating a visually stunning and immersive experience.


The film’s trailer, released earlier in 2023, instantly captured the attention of audiences with its action-packed sequences, sharp dialogues, and glimpses of the dark and dangerous world that Karthik and Sethu inhabit. The trailer effectively sets the tone for the film, promising an intense and thrilling ride that will keep viewers hooked until the very end.

Final Thoughts:

Jigarthanda Double X is not just a sequel; it’s an experience. It builds upon the success of the first film while offering something new and unexpected. The film expertly blends action, humor, and drama, creating a captivating narrative that resonates with audiences on an emotional level.

Director Karthik Subbaraj once again showcases his masterful storytelling ability, weaving together a complex and thrilling narrative that keeps viewers guessing until the very end. The film’s exploration of themes like loyalty, betrayal, and the human desire for redemption adds depth and complexity to the story, making it more than just a typical gangster flick.

Jigarthanda Double X is a must-watch for fans of the first film and anyone who appreciates well-crafted action thrillers with a touch of dark humor. The film’s gritty realism, powerful performances, and thought-provoking themes leave a lasting impression and solidify its place as a significant contribution to the Tamil film industry.

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