Let’s Get Married (2023) Tamil Movie Download isaimini In HD

Released in July 2023, “Let’s Get Married” stole the hearts of audiences with its charming story, relatable characters, and a good dose of humor. Directed by Ramesh Thamilmani in his directorial debut, the film marked the successful collaboration of Harish Kalyan, Nadiya, Ivana, Yogi Babu, and RJ Vijay.


Gowtham (Harish Kalyan) and Meera (Ivana) are two young individuals who share both a workplace and a blossoming romance. Their two-year journey has been filled with stolen glances, shared smiles, and a growing affection for each other. As their feelings intensify, the question of “what next?” becomes inevitable.

The film takes the audience through their journey as they navigate the complexities of modern-day relationships. Facing societal pressures, family expectations, and the ever-present fear of commitment, their relationship is put to the test.

Amidst the romantic drama, the film also provides ample comedic relief through the characters of Yogi Babu and RJ Vijay. Their witty dialogues and hilarious antics add a layer of lightheartedness to the narrative, keeping the audience engaged and entertained.

Cast Performances:

Harish Kalyan delivers a charming and relatable performance as Gowtham. He seamlessly portrays the character’s vulnerability, insecurities, and ultimately, his unwavering love for Meera.

Ivana shines as Meera, capturing her strength, independence, and genuine affection for Gowtham. Their chemistry together is undeniable, making the audience truly root for their relationship.

Nadiya adds weight and emotional depth to the film with her portrayal of Gowtham’s mother. Her performance is nuanced and brings a layer of maturity to the story.

Yogi Babu and RJ Vijay are comedic gems, perfectly balancing the film’s emotional core with their witty humor. Their presence ensures that the film remains lighthearted and entertaining throughout.

Box Office and Budget:

“Let’s Get Married” was a commercial success, grossing approximately 86.5 million Indian Rupees at the box office. Made on a reported budget of 30 million Indian Rupees, the film turned out to be a profitable venture for its producers, Dhoni Entertainment.


The film’s trailer effectively captured the essence of the story, showcasing the heartwarming romance between Gowtham and Meera alongside the film’s comedic elements. The trailer’s catchy music and engaging visuals piqued the audience’s interest and contributed to the film’s success.

Final Thoughts:

“Let’s Get Married” is a delightful rom-com that offers a heartwarming story, relatable characters, and a healthy dose of humor. The film’s success is a testament to the talented cast and crew, and serves as a promising debut for director Ramesh Thamilmani.

Unique Aspects of the Film:

The film subtly tackles the issue of societal pressures surrounding marriage, particularly the expectations placed upon women. While ultimately celebrating the joy of commitment, the film acknowledges the challenges faced by young couples in today’s society.

Another unique aspect of the film is its portrayal of a modern-day relationship. Gowtham and Meera are independent individuals who navigate their relationship on their own terms, challenging traditional notions of love and marriage.


“Let’s Get Married” is a welcome addition to the Tamil cinema landscape. It offers a feel-good experience with its relatable characters, heartwarming story, and comedic elements. The film’s success demonstrates the audience’s appreciation for well-crafted stories that resonate with their lives and emotions.

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